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Welcome to Kibworth History Society’s website.

There are lots of articles and items of interest for all age groups - children, teenagers, young adults and older people as well.  You’re sure to enjoy your visit here.

Please use the drop down menus to locate topics you wish to explore.  Our website is updated at regular intervals and new items added as research tasks are completed.

Your observations and questions will be most welcome.  Maybe you have a local history memory or article that you would like to contribute to the website?  Please email us on   history@kibworth.plus.com



Guided Walks, led by members of the Society, around the Heritage Trails of any of the Kibworth Harcourt, Kibworth Beauchamp, and Smeeton Westerby villages can be arranged for visiting groups, societies, and individuals.  We have found from experience that groups larger than 12 people require two guides, and these would be provided. A suitable donation to the Society would be appreciated.

Please contact Norman Harrison or George Weston for further details.   NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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At the Annual General Meeting held on 6th September 2018 the current membership resolved, very sadly, to formally dissolve the Society. The reasons for the dissolution are because of declining numbers of members and inability to appoint enough members to the Committee to carry out essential tasks. Ways of avoiding closure have been explored, but without a viable solution. The Society has performed well for almost 30 years and it is therefore with deep regret that this decision has been taken.

However, it has been agreed that the website, as an important resource packed with valuable historical information about the Kibworths, Smeeton Westerby, and history generally, will continue.

Articles for publication on the website will continue to be accepted. The website will be monitored regularly monitored and if you have any contributions, comments, or queries please send via email to history@kibworth.plus.com

New ‘People” page addition - Alonzo Freeland by John Freeland